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Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Spiritual growth and numerical growth do not necessarily go hand in hand, but God does seem to be bringing both to this body of believers in awesome ways these days. Last Sunday was such a joyous occasion, with record attendance in Bible classes and our morning assembly. More than sharing worship with so many, though, Sunday was special because of what each of you as members contributed to making such a time possible. Special thanks go to our ushers and parking attendants, who skillfully had the chairs ready inside and the cars placed "outside the lines" when we passed capacity in the parking lot. All of you were gracious to our visitors and collectively we shared in praise and fellowship and study together.

I want to especially commend Jerry Cover and his fellow committee members (Bob Morris, Jesse Gough, George Boulware) who have communicated so effectively these past few weeks as we prepare for God's continued increase among us. The college students are such a sign of life! New people are constantly moving into our area; others are interested in what God is up to in our midst. These truly are exciting times at Brentwood Hills!

However, we don't use the phrase "growing pains" without purpose. So many new faces and such rapid change stretch all of our comfort zones to the max at times. Driving in one car instead of two or three will call for great discipline in some cases. Being hospitable to our guests is rather demanding at times. Fully incorporating new members into our ministries, into our friendship groups, and into our lives will stretch us all. Such change/growth is not just numerical but has much to do with each of us growing spiritually as well. This week I want to ask you to stretch in one more way. Our ushers would be helped immensely and our visitors who come at 10:00 would have their own comfort zones helped if each of us would commit to sitting closer to the front and leaving space at the rear for those who come in late. You don't need to move 10 rows forward, just two or three--and slide in toward the middle. If all of us will do that we can contribute one more ingredient to being a visitor-friendly fellowship. May God help us to see what he sees for our future!
John O. York

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