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Tearing Down The Walls

Tearing Down The Walls

On the seventh day they rose at dawn and marched seven times around the city in the same way; that was the only day on which they marched round seven times. The seventh time, as the priests blew the trumpets, Joshua said to the army, "Shout! The Lord has given you the city. . . . So the trumpets were blown and when the army heard the trumpets sound, they raised a great shout, and the wall (of Jericho) collapsed.
(Joshua 6:15-16, 20)

It was actually on the first day that the walls came down at Brentwood Hills! You could certainly hear shouts, even if there were no trumpets, and the glee with which men became boys as they tore into the walls made it all appear to be a bit too much fun! Perhaps the rest of us should have marched around the auditorium a few times before they went to work. In about three hours, the walls were down and our auditorium was transformed. This Sunday will be exciting as we overflow into the new sections rather than into the aisles and foyer.
But we need to remember who really brought the walls down. This was not just a decision of our elders, nor merely quick demolition work by our crew of expert wall-removers. Since 1979 in some ways, and 1955 in others, God has been preparing for this day and these circumstances where his people gather at 5120 Franklin Road, Nashville. Before the literal walls could come down, many other barriers had to be removed. Visions needed to expand, hearts needed to be molded, circumstances had to evolve. Not one person or one part of those last 39 years is or was unimportant in forging the identity of God's people at this place at this time. As we now expand our hearts and minds--and auditorium--not one person, from charter member, to newborn infant, to college student or first-time visitor, is insignficant in forging God's future at this place.
I believe God can tear down the barriers that separate today just as he made the walls of Jericho collapse. As we praise God and thank him for our expanded auditorium, let us also give thanks for the new vision he is giving us, his people. As we see what he sees, who knows what other barriers may come down!
John O. York

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